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Our qualified professionals are committed to research practitioner model. All the projects are service centric. A prominent characteristic of eikhoi approach is that of solution focused effort through systems thinking. Systems thinking is concerned with the process of understanding how things influence one another within a whole. Commonly understood meanings of "system" i.e., "whole of related parts" is employed in our research. Thus, a social system is treated as comprised of various components. This provides an important framework for understanding community life in terms of families, social norms, networks, and associated attributes that typify community identity. System is content specific and in its broadest sense, everything is a system, and what makes something a system is dependent on how each person thinks about the system.


We do not assert that our approach is the only option available in an effort to address real-world problem, we respect different viewpoints; we put immense effort in deciding what is best in executing a course of action and we endeavour for the best that we can leverage social benefit. We may often look for alternative solution to existing popular trends. Conformist approach is not the best thing to take the knowledge and society forward. It is good that many great people are remembered by us because they defied the norms which they understood as harmful and absurd, else the world we see today would have been many years behind till another such people were born to confront the odds. If such has not been the case, the world would have been a static entity. Whatever has to be there would have been there already, why would not one eat the same thing people who lived before ate, do the same thing they did, until and unless there is a naturally bounded such as (no more the same thing available to eat)? "we must secure the benefits of freedom for ourselves and our posterity" thus is the natural resources and social values. We believe in a collaborative approach to designing things, including services and products.